Bow Wow is officially making a comeback to music. The rapper recently dropped his new single and music video for "Drunk Off Ciroc," and the single is creating a lot of buzz in the media. After first listen, many fans noticed that Bow Wow seemed to be addressing a possible feud or broken friendship he had with singer Chris Brown.

In the video, Bow Wow appears to be in a gymnasium or recording studio. There, he paints a picture of his supposedly broken relationship with CB. "I skipped a show just so I could see you Chris / Day ones, me and you been through a lot of sh**/ No matter what you gonna always be my little brother," he raps. "And it kill me when we in public and we ain’t speaking to each other/ This shit crazy/ Oh my fault, Brown, this sh** brazy/ We grown men, let’s turn this sh** around."

While Bow Wow seemed to feel strongly about his past friendship, Breezy had a few questions on his end. After The Shade Room posted a clip of the video on Instagram, Brown responded: "I'M CONFUSED... U good bro?"

Fans quickly took the video clip and ran with it, asking both parties about the alleged beef. Bow Wow later jumped in the comments section of his own Instagram account, and refuted reports. "I NEVER HAD BEEF WITH MY BRO. AND NEVER WILL! EVER," he wrote.

He later clarified his single even more, stating that it was simply an account of his past experiences. "That's what u get for being real on a record. That's what music pose to do. Debate about it talk about it," he explained. "AND FOR THE RECORD I HAVE NO BEEF OF STATIC WITH NOBODY SO DEAD IT. It's not a diss it's a simple damn I miss my dawh what happen to us type s**t. I don't write down bs. I write my life expereinces. SIMPLE. I'm an emotional person."

Bow Wow and Chris Brown previously collaborated on the No. 1 singles "Ain't Thinkin' Bout You" and "Shortie Like Mine" in 2005 and 2006 respectively. Watch the video for Bow's new track "Drunk Off Ciroc" above.