Tuesday night (March 13) World Star Hip Hop uploaded a video of what appears to be Bow Wow getting into an altercation with Nigerian rapper, Cheeks Bossman. There isn't much context surrounding the short video, and it cuts off right after Bow Wow, real name Shad Moss, gets punched.

Reportedly, Bow Wow took issue with Future dating the mother of his child and was vocal about his disapproval of it. Common sense would assume if Bow Wow made any disparaging remarks it would be Future to tap Brother Moss' jaw. Instead Bossman was the one to deliver the knuckle sandwich and the connection is Bossman once collaborated with Zoey Dollaz who is signed to Future's Freebandz label.

While getting punched in the face isn't a fun experience, Bow Wow has branded himself as an entertainer who will make up stories. He famously (and unintentionally) created the #BowWowChallenge after a passenger flying coach on a flight with Bow Wow outted him after the rapper claimed he was seated in a private jet. Bow Wow also photoshopped himself onto VIBE's famous Death Row cover, and created a video of him in a hoodie hiding from students on a field trip, supposedly to not cause any hysteria if they realized it was him.


Bow Wow who released a song in which he talks about his feud with Chris Brown, a feud Brown didn't know existed, later took to Instagram to provide some context. The 31-year-old said the incident in question took place last year, and after the video cuts out, is when Bow Wow began defending himself.

"Man, that's light work and it didn't go down like that, and I put that on my daughter," Bow Wow said. "This ain't no motherf**king Bow Wow Challenge. It didn't slide like that."

When Twitter learned of Bow Wow's latest predicament, a digital SMH seemingly took place.