In hip-hop, it's all about territory. Whether you're from the West or East Coast, apart of the game is to be the best in your region. While many rappers are debating about who is the "King of New York," Trippie Redd and Bow Wow are arguing over who runs Ohio.

It all started when Bow Wow stated that he owns his home state. While the rapper is originally from Columbus, Ohio, he's ben claiming Atlanta as his hometown in recent years. Not amused by the remark, Trippie Redd hopped on Instagram to combat Bow Wow's declaration. "You don't run this motherf**ker over here. You're not from Ohio," Trippie, who hails from Canton, Ohio, said in a video on Instagram.

Catching wind of Trippie's comments, the "Let Me Hold You" artist responded on Twitter. "He's a f**king kid. What I look like going to war with a kid," he wrote. "Real s**t. No respect giving to me for that. I'll let it slide." Trippie later followed up, by calling Bow Wow a "b***h a** n***a" and "sissy a** n***a."

This isn't the first heated exchange between new and old artists over territory. Earlier this month, Tekashi 6ix9ine caused quite the stir when he declared himself the "King of New York." His comments also set off a number of veteran artists, including Waka Flocka, The Game, and YG.

Check out the back and forth between Bow Wow and Trippie Redd here.