A video of a private, 90-minute throwing session in Houston has Colin Kaepernick in the headlines again. This time it’s for his skill set and not his contribution to social justice. The two can’t be ranked in Kap’s mind, but this video reminded people that he didn’t make it to the field or quarterback for nothing. Kap followed up with another video of him putting in work at the gym.

TMZ posted a video to Twitter and Kap responded, drawing attention to the session and earning a slew of fan feedback. Houston residents, in particular, want him back. The Instagram video quickly circulated.


The 30-year-old free agent still wants to play football but not at the expense of his personal values, which should come as no surprise. He opted out of his final season with the San Francisco 49ers last March, leaving them without a quarterback three years too soon. In leaving his contract, Kap also abandoned $14.5 million. It was the first time in his 6-year career as an NFL free agent.

Kap hasn’t gotten a single offer since leaving but it looks like it hasn’t worried him. Kap’s wife Nessa chimed in on the tweet party, writing, “It will never stop.” He garnered support from writer and activist Shaun King and got a nod from Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, as reported by Bleacher Report.


After the session, anyone could see that the only reason for Kap remaining unsigned is the general fear of backlash. Kaepernick was the first NFL player to kneel during the national anthem, an act that’s been followed by many but greeted with mixed feelings. The co-owner of the New York Giants John Mara told Sports Illustrated in May that he’d “never received more emotional mail from people than I did about that issue.” Generally, controversy pushed owners away.

But nothing will change. This comes amid Safety Eric Reid’s exclusion from the league and inability to be signed. Reid has also gotten a lot of support from Kap, who was first to have activism “hurt” his career.