You don't need a theater to see Erykah Badu's short music film, Planting Day. Luckily, the entertainer has released her latest creative offering on social media.

Specifically made for Instagram, Badu dropped Planting Day Tuesday (Mar. 6) featuring a mashup of BADBADNOTGOOD's "Cs60" and sounds from the late legendary jazz composer Sun Ra. At first, the visuals are accompanied by equally uncanny imagery before graduating to the symbols of spirituality that we've all grown to associate with Ms. Badu.

Badu ditches her initial milieu, one that appears to be a city for the Earth. She records herself planting, occasionally showing the camera her soil-covered hands and fingernails. After planting, Badu returns home, trying to carry the connection with land indoors. She removes her walking boot and trades it for a polished walking stick before kicking the shoes in her foyer aside. Badu closes her film, zeroing in on tiny Buddha statues and more crystals.

Badu seems proud of this piece, hitting all the credits in the captions of the four videos and recording on an iPhone 7, remaining true to minimalist ideology.

In its entirety, the short film is vaguely reminiscent of a stop-motion video, displaying growth. Maybe that's Erykah's message. If you haven't seen them yet, watch below.