We're all used to hearing strip clubs anthems by now, but Flo Rida's ode to an erotic dancer with a powerful purpose is rare to say the least. Flo is best known for speeding past "Green Lights" all over Miami to ignite clubs with his classic bangers like his T-Pain assisted "Low," which recently turned 10 years old, along with the rest of his debut album Mail On Sunday. Ahead of his inaugural 'Flo Rida Day' celebration plans on Mar. 26th, the Billboard chartopper is kicking off the new year with his brand new single "Dancer."

In the accompanying video for his new single, the Florida Boy singles out the diamond in the rough at his local strip club who has bigger dreams than champagne showers and sleepless nights on the pole. Video director SpiffTV follows the daily hustle of a gorgeous dancer, who aspires to open her own studio one day. As Flo throws 20s, 50s, & 100s in the air, the talented dancer embraces her naked hustler's ambitions as she works the pole and hauls her bags of money straight to the bank.

Unlike other videos for strip club bangers, this one has a truly happy ending that will give strippers everywhere new dreams. Watch Flo Rida's new video for "Dancer" below.