Florida law enforcement are on the hunt for a man who stole a car with a baby inside Tuesday morning (March. 20) then drove off, and upon realizing an infant was in the car, dropped a baby off at another gas station.

According to WPTV.com, detectives say a black Kia Rio with a five month old inside was left running at a RaceWay gas station. Surveillance from RaceWay shows the thief arriving in a white sports-utility vehicle at 3:24AM wearing a white tank top. The thief then walks to the Kia Rio, looks inside, looks around to ensure the coast was clear, hops in and drives off.

After taking the Kia Rio, the thief is then seen pulling into a nearby Sunco gas station. Footage shows the theif having a difficult time getting the car seat out of the vehicle, but once he does he drops the baby at the gas station unharmed and drives off.

Michelle Ashby was one of the overnight clerks working the deli at the Sunco when the thief dropped off the infant.

"The doors were locked, so he came up and was banging on the door frantically. The overnight clerk came up to the door, and I guess shouted through the door, 'What's going on? He kept saying, 'Take this baby, take this baby, so he just opened the door and took the baby and called the police from there," said Ashby.

Deputies are still looking for the man responsible.