Rapper French Montana recently co-authored an op-ed in support of the #WeAreTheDream crusade. The campaign is in partnership with MTV and Get Schooled, and was launched in an effort to help immigrants pursue higher education, and to celebrate the impact of immigrants living in America. The op-ed was co-written by the Executive Director of Get Schooled, Marie Groark.

"I am French Montana, a first generation dreamer from Morocco. I immigrated to the Bronx in New York City at the age of 13 only speaking Arabic and French," he wrote. "We both want to support teens as they find their path to success in this country. French knows first-hand how tough it can be to learn English and adapt to American culture."

The op-ed also notes that students who are undocumented, or are the children of undocumented immigrants, have a difficult path going from high school to college. The multi-platform campaign aims to aid undocumented students who are hoping to reap the benefits of higher education.

French is also encouraging all Dreamers to post a selfie on either Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #WeAreTheDream, in order to "spread awareness and stand in solidarity with the belief that everyone should be able to go to college."

"We are not political people," they continue. "We are an educator and a multi-platinum hip hop artist. But we believe passionately in the worth of every human being. We believe in the power of education to unlock human potential."

"We work tirelessly to ensure that young people — wherever they may live, wherever they may attend school, whatever education their parents may have — have a voice to advocate for themselves along with access to the tools, resources and community that will help them fulfill their dreams."