Last September, Hurricane Maria ravaged the already economically-devastated island of Puerto Rico, leaving 300,000 displaced and 500,000 with no electricity to date. With thousands still without clean water or a roof over their heads, it's a mindf**k wonder the Federal Government is more concerned with allocating funds to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border than supplying adequate aid to its own commonwealth.

Tuesday (March 20), not only marks the six-month anniversary of Hurricane Maria, but the day FEMA will end aid for the countless that are displaced and living in hotels around the country. In other words: tens of hundreds will have no where to go this time tomorrow.

As a result, hundreds of Puerto Rican families displaced by the natural disaster will be joined in solidarity by allies and youth activists on Washington to protest the detrimental response by the Trump Administration.

"Congress has allocated only a fraction of the 90 billion dollars needed for Puerto Rico to recover and thrive, while continuing to put fiscal control of the island in the hands of the bankers and hedge funds that created and continue to benefit from Puerto Rico’s debt crisis," states the official Facebook page of tomorrow's event.

Victims and allies are demanding "a comprehensive aid package and total debt relief for the island." To join or spread awareness, visit here.