Kelis is a woman of many talents, and her prowess in the kitchen is not to be messed with. The 38-year-old artist and chef even made an album in 2014 titled Food, laced with traditional southern cuisine favorites as song titles like, “Cobbler,” “Fish Fry.” and “Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy.” Now, the singer is concentrating on continuing to build up her food brand with a newly purchased farm.

The “Milkshake” singer announced the news during an interview with "The Founder Hour" podcast, Page Six reports. “In this past year I’ve kinda felt like I need a restaurant,” she began. “I need a space where I can actually be creative and I can do this on a daily basis. That being really necessary for me.”

Kelis started on her food-crazed journey in 2008 when she graduated from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu. In 2015, she unleashed her first cookbook, “My Life on a Plate.” She also created her own line of signature sauces titled Bounty & Full.

“I decided yeah, well how do I do that in staying with who I am and in the realm of control that I like to have,” she continued. “So I felt like, you know what, let’s do a farm. We started looking for a farm. We found a property. And we’re going to start to grow everything.”

Reportedly, she plans to make her own milk, cheese, and butter while growing her own produce.