Former Bad Boy artist Craig Mack died of heart failure Monday (March 12) and the hip-hop community mourned the loss. Notable figures like Diddy, LL Cool J, Funkmaster Flex, Juicy J, Biz Markie, Joe Budden and Evidence memorialized and gave condolences to the fallen 90s rapper and his family. The media rolled out long-form think pieces about his contributions to his unmistakable 90s sound, being overshadowed by Biggie, and his decision to leave the spot light for religious reasons. Master P caught on and gave a piece of his mind Sunday (March 18) on Instagram during his routine workout sessions.

Master P appears to be running down a hill when he wonders why people don’t receive their flowers while they can still smell them.

“All you see now on the news is Craig Mack, but three months ago nobody was talking about Craig Mack. Everybody playing his music on the radio,” he said in the minute-video. “My condolences to his family, but I feel like if you ain’t real and you ain’t giving nobody flowers while they alive then that means you fake.”

This is the second time Master P calls out the media for showing “fake love.” When Mobb Deep’s Prodigy died, Master P accused BET of the same thing after the network paid Prodigy tribute at the 2017 BET Awards ceremony.

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