Jimmy Kimmel Live! returned on Mar. 6, with another funny segment of the favorite trash-talking segment, "Mean Tweets." This time the segment – which asks celebs to read the rudest fan comments about themselves – featured an all-music ensemble.

Usher, Erykah, Badu, Common, and TLC were just a few  of the music artists tapped for the music edition. For Usher, there were a lot of different directions fans could go in, but Kimmel opted for the more tamed tweet. "Usher seem like he'll stop in the dead a** middle of sex because he got chilly," Twitter user @ObeseMarilee wrote.

Someone else insulted Erykah Badu's figure. "Erykah Badu's tits look like d**ks," user @ViVidMona tweeted. Badu replied, laughing: "I had three babies."

And one fan threw shade at Common's rapping skills, tweeting: "Common is the Pottery Barn of rappers." Not amused, Common posed the question, "what the f**k do you know about rap." Ludacris also got it pretty bad. "I'd rather be homeless and watch 2 cats bang in an alley than go to a Ludacris concert #true," @Didgentnumber1 wrote.

Despite the rude commentary, the stars seemed to be in good spirits; many of them just laughed off the tweets. Other artists featured on the segments include: Zendaya, Pink, and Nick Jonas. Check out the full episode above.