A 27-year-old Pennsylvania mother of two intended on using her tax return to plan her youngest daughter's birthday party. Instead, while walking home she was robbed, shot and later died from her injuries by colleagues mercilessly lustful for her $3,000.

According to reports, Keiauna Davis worked with two of the three suspects in connection with her murder at a local Dollar General store. The three responsible have been identified as Dane James Taylor and Laya Alana Whitley, both 21 and Kaijin Xavier Scott, 23.

Reportedly, Whitley texted Taylor about the money and the two began to conspire against Davis. They then hired Scott $800 to be the getaway driver.

When news of Davis' murder became public, many questioned why the young mother had the large sum of money on her. Davis' mother heard the critiques of those seemingly trying blame her for daughter for her own death, and responded that her choice to have a dollar or $3,000 isn't justification for her murder.

“I don't care if she told the whole world about it,” Sheila Detwiler said. “It's ridiculous.”

Scott and Taylor followed Davis in a Toyota Corolla. When Scott got out and pretended to fix something on the Corolla, Davis realized something was up and she started running. Taylor chased Davis and the two fell. A scuffle ensued with Taylor firing a gun. The first shot missed Davis, the second however hit her in the hip. Taylor then grabbed Davis' purse and ran back to the car.

Davis later died from her injuries.

Now, instead of helping to plan a birthday party, Detwiler will plan a funeral for her daughter. Detwiler says her grandchildren will live with her in Charlotte, and while they're young, they understand something terrible has taken place.

"[The toddler] knows something is not right because she can't see her mother,” Detwiler said. As for the 6-year-old, she has a better understanding and "knows her mother is in heaven" but Detwiler still worries. "A 6-year-old's mind doesn't know how to grieve.”