After VH-1's "The Breaks" was prematurely ousted from the network, Phonte Coleman finally found the time to complete his highly anticipated album No News Is Good News. Back in 2016, the veteran rapper dropped his critically acclaimed joint project with Eric Roberson Tigallero while simultaneously plotting ideas for his sophomore release, which he revealed earlier this week.

"I never thought we would be a society where, if you log into Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, whatever and see a person's name repeatedly, your first thought is automatically that they died or something bad happened, Phonte told WatchLOUD about the album title in 2016. "If you ain't hearing about a person, people think 'oh man, what happened to so and so? They fell off. He used to be the man.' Nah he ain't fell off. He's living his life! He's good. He's chillin.'"

Pastor Tigallo is definitely chillin' as he brings us to church in his long-awaited LP. The former Little Brother lyricist preaches about dealing with the highs and lows of life in songs like "Such Is Life" and "Euphorium (Back To The Light). He also recruits Freddie Gibbs for their stand-out track "Change Of Mind" and reunites with Eric Roberson on "Find That Love Again."

Stream Phonte's sophomore album No News Is Good News below.