On Friday (March 30) Power fans finally received a glimpse of what they'll expect in the upcoming season set to return July 1.

In a 30-second teaser, viewers of the Starz scripted drama see an emotionally distraught Ghost (Omari Hardwick) sitting in a church reeling over his daughter's death, while vowing to get revenge. Tariq is stoic during Raina's funeral, and a rekindled affair between Ghost and Angela Valdes (Lela Loren) may also take place.

Tasha stands strong in front of camera crews and the press as she demands to know who's responsible for murdering her daughter, and Dre, now the most powerful drug dealer in New York City, is visibly nervous and seen looking over his shoulder aware his enemies are preparing for battle.

Family over everything. #PowerTV Season 5 returns July 1 on @STARZ. pic.twitter.com/CSbtzyFEdf

Power fans were left with their jaws open and their hearts broken at the close of Season Four and realized there's only one truth: anything goes and anyone can catch a bullet in this big rich town.

No one predicted that Dre's betrayal would force Tommy, Ghost and Kanan--already littered with their own inner turmoil --to join forces.

Power Season Five returns Sunday July 1.

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Karl Ferguson Jr. & Katie Piper