March Madness is here, and to make sure you are fully hydrated for the long season, Powerade has launched its new ad campaign. The brand reportedly debuted their campaign on Mar. 14, with a hilarious short video.

The humorous 30-second clip is titled "Ankles," and follows a bodega owner who reimagines what his life would be like if he had drank Powerade back in the day. As the video takes viewers back to his basketball-playing days, he illustrates what he could have done on the court if he had the energy drink.

"My crossover would have been something else. I would have broken everybody's ankles," he suggests. "My crossover would have been so crazy that if you recorded it, watched it two weeks later, broke ankles. Man that is some kind of power."

"Ankles" is reportedly the first in a series of national television spots that will support the brand's upcoming campaign, "That's Some Kind of Power."

Check out the 30-second video above.