Tiffany Haddish sent the Internet's best investigators on a hunt to figure out who bit Beyonce. On what should've been a mundane Monday (March 26) the Girl Trip actress revealed during an interview with GQ that a famous actress bit the Lemonade singer on the cheek, prompting the Beyhive to gather any evidence possible and prepare for attack.

With a little help from Chrissy Tiegen, the model and mom took to social media to add she too was surprised to know it was that particular actress who bit Bey. With very little to go on, the Internet began guessing which actress was wild enough to actually commit such a heinous crime?

For whatever reason Sanaa Lathan's name got thrown into the mix and many began accusing her of the bitegate scandal. The beloved Brown Sugar actress who recently cut all her hair off to star in Nappily Ever After, took to Twitter to respond to the allegations and assure the Beyhive she has more sense than to go around and bite anyone, especially Beyonce.

After Ms. Lathan explained herself Twitter explained itself some more.