Smino revisits a cult classic from his critically acclaimed debut blkswan to deliver a conceptualized video for the mellow and moody track “Wild Irish Roses”

The St. Louis lyricist keeps it hood, yet vivid and colorful in the Jean Deaux video-directed video as we watch him and his homegirl make that all too familiar trip to the convenience store to pick up some Backwoods (Russian Crème at that). Even more familiar is when Smino’s right-hand gal recognizes an old associate, only for things to go from zero to 100 when the man attempts to rob the joint. Meanwhile, as Smino’s chilling in the car, vibing to his music, he enters into his own abstract and colorful realm as it all goes down.

"The cool shit about it is, we shot it at Bob's Market," Smino explains in a recent interview with Complex. "They did Fast & Furious there, the ni**a Paul Walker walked in and grabbed some sh*t in the movie. But yeah, it's a legendary lil spot-spot. Probably the most memorable shit in the video was watching my homeboys, Fin and Dave Coresh. just go crazy in their roles in the acting scenes. I knew they'd bring the best out of it."

If you’re looking to see this stellar joint performed live then fret not. Smino was recently announced as a performer in the upcoming 2018 AFROPUNK festival in Brooklyn, NY in August.

"For the rest of the year - smoke, all the smoke,” he says. “We made some music in Brazil, we made some music in Jamaica, Atlanta. We're recording all over the world.”

blkswan is now available on all streaming services and digital platforms.

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Chris Classick Inumerable