The last time Power fans saw Ghost, Tommy and Kanan the trio reunited to take down Dre, an unsurprising foe, who rose from right under their nose. Viewers were surprised but overjoyed their favorite criminals were back at it again. Yet the glee was short lived as they'd have to wait an entire year to see how creator and showrunner Courtney A Kemp continues the addictive narrative.

In the show's absence, rumors began to swirl the Starz scripted drama would call it quits after Season Five. However, Tuesday afternoon (March 13) network programming president Carmi Zlotnik announced fans will be able to enjoy this big rich town for at least another season.

"As Power wraps production on Season Five, we want to acknowledge and thank our spectacular team for producing another great season, " Zlotnik said. "We are also pleased to announce a pick-up for season six.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Power is the network's most popular show drawing in an average of 9.3 million viewers across all platforms. The premiere episode for the sixth season will also find Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson sitting in the director's chair for the first time.

For those fuzzy on the details of Season Four, Kemp and the Power writers introduced a new crop of characters equally as conniving as the ones fans have already grown to love, but not trust.

Ghost was sent to prison for the murder of Agent Gregory Knox and received a warm welcome his first day inside from guard Marshall Williams played by the late Charlie Murphy. While Ghost's lawyer Joe Proctor tried his best to prove his client's innocence, Ghost comes in contact with lifer Tony Teresi who helps Ghost on the inside, in hopes to be put in contact with his estranged son, Tommy.

Tommy inwardly was still reeling from Holly's death (a death he caused) but outwardly Tommy assumed Ghost's role as king pin, and appointed Julio as his distributor, a move that angered Dre so much it, he masterminded Julio's murder.

With Ghost behind bars, (a doing put in place by his ADA ex-girlfriend Angela Valdes) Tasha cozied up to Proctor's second chair, Terry Dixon. Trying her best to remain composed in front of the children, while helping Ghost, Tasha was too occupied to keep an eye out on Tariq whose new best friend happened to be his father's biggest enemy back from the dead.

Season Four came to a crashing end when Tariq's sister Raina--who remained loyal to him despite his wayward and often disrespectful behavior--dies defending him.

If there's one thing fans can bet on for Season Five, it's that anyone can catch a bullet. Power Season Five returns to Starz July 1.