Stevonte Clark, the brother of Stephon Clark who was killed by the police, appeared briefly on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon to share his family's frustrations on what they've endured over the past week.

His words were short and brief to Lemon Wednsday (Mar. 28) as he attempted to thwart tears for his brother. With a bell on hand, Clark evaded the first question about his brother and called out the trauma families of police brutality victims go through while demanding justice. "I love my city, I'm SAC strong, I did all of this for my city," he said about the numerous rallies held for Stephon.

"We are the example of how to do it right and what the media does is when someone dies in a tragedy, they swarm that person, put them in misery and ruin their lives forever," he added before the interview wrapped. "I'm not blaming the media, but the way you guys treat us.."

In the days since his brother's tragic death, protests have erupted in Sacramento as well as California's City Hall where hundreds have demanded more answers about the shooting.

Two police officers fired 20 rounds at the father of three in his grandmother's backyard on Mar. 18. The officers were responding to alleged break-in and claimed Clark was armed with a weapon but only a cellphone was found at the scene. Stevonte led several rallies over the city since his brother's death and called out Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg during a council meeting on the shooting Tuesday (Mar. 27.)

Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump told Anderson Cooper Wednesday the family is hesitant to trust the police because of the initial lack of transparency.  "The family of Stephon Clark doesn't trust anything from the Sacramento police department since they were not told the truth at the very beginning," Crump said. While video of the shooting was released, audio from the officers' body cams were reportedly turned off before the shooting. The officers also waited six minutes before attending to Stephon's body after they fired their rounds.

Stephon's funeral will take place today in Sacramento with Rev. Al Sharpton delivering the eulogy.