T-Pain is back in the studio on his T-mix wave. For his latest offering, he set his voice to Cardi B's "Bartier" single with his auto-tune wizardry. He turns the 30 Rock and Cheeze Beatz-produced rap smash into a hardcore R&B anthem.

Cardi was the first to come out and co-sign the thunderous new revamp on Instagram, so expect these two to cook up more remixes in the future. The Florida hitmaker has plans to keep the remixes coming as the winter months turn to spring and he prepares a new project for release later this year.

Listen to his "Bartier (T-Mix)" below"

Recently, T-Pain was criticized by Quincy Jones for his performance on the the legendary producer's 2010 remake of "PYT" with Robin Thicke. Michael Jackson cover

"For the record I told my managers (at the time) and I told [Quincy] in his face “I don’t want to remake any of your past records because I know I’m gonna fuck it up. I’ll never be able to reach the greatest of MJ” it took them hours to pump me up to even go in the booth 1/2," wrote T-Pain in response.