Chicago singer-rapper Tink is released from Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group after months of negotiations, label resistance and countless album delays.

Timbaland took Tink under his wing in 2014 as one of his first artists signed as part of a new label partnership deal between Epic Records and Mosley Music Group. After Mosley Music Group cut affiliations with its distributor at the start of 2017, negotiations to release Tink went underway.

“There was stuff within the business side that messed up a lot of things,” she told FADER. “Like, you can love a person to death, but if the business isn't right, there's always going to be friction. I just felt like nobody was paying attention to what I had going on outside of me and Tim. For me, that was the red flag. I stepped into the deal just hoping that I would be accepted for whatever I created. It wasn't that type of situation.”

Frustration among Tink, Timbaland and her label came to a head when the release date for her debut album Think Tink delayed. Although the two completed the LP with its premiere date set for July, Timbaland decided the timing wasn’t right.

“The album was actually finished. There was an intro, I had interludes. It was [Timbaland’s] call to hold back on it, and I think, I want to say, for the benefit of the doubt, he did want to perfect it. But it was Tim's call not to put it out,” she said. While Tink still owns the rights to her unreleased music, she isn’t planning on letting those records see the light of day.

She brought Valentine’s Day vibes when she released visuals for her new single “Breakin’ Me” on Feb. 14, and is planning a Winter's Diary 4 follow-up with Winter’s Diary 5.