Tink's long-awaiting comeback looks clearer this days now that the talented artist has announced the release date of her upcoming EP, Pain & Pleasure.

Announced Tuesday (Mar. 20), Tink declared the project will be released Mar. 30. Dedicating the project to her fans, the Chicago native's musical journey has been a memorable one.  This announcement comes nearly a month after she shared of the hiccups in her management, including her departure from Timbaland's Mosley Music Group,  citing a difference in business ethics as the catalyst.

“There was stuff within the business side that messed up a lot of things. Like, you can love a person to death, but if the business isn't right, there's always going to be friction,” Tink told the Fader. “I just felt like nobody was paying attention to what I had going on outside of me and Tim. For me, that was the red flag. I stepped into the deal just hoping that I would be accepted for whatever I created. It wasn't that type of situation.”


As a result of this complex fusion of love and legalities, Tink decided to stay away from any label situation and release Pain & Pleasure independently. The rapper-singer also shared how the experience helped her earn another hat; businesswoman.

“Over time, people grow up — I grew up,” she said. “I had to get on my boss shit and hire some new attorneys. I had to take a couple flights and sit down with different people who could actually help me in my situation. I had some setbacks; I had people fighting me from either side. Ultimately, I'm just happy that we're at an agreement right now.”

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