For 18 years, Melinda (played by Taraji P. Henson) stood by her engineer husband, Robert (Lyriq Bent) as he tried and failed to get his invention off the ground, forcing Melinda to became the breadwinner. While Melinda worked days and cleaned offices at night, Robert, jobless, stayed at home attempting to turn his dream into a reality.

On a chance encounter, Robert reconnects with an old college flame who works at the company he's been trying desperately to merit an interview with. But the opportunity comes too late for Melinda whose grown tired of caring for a husband who isn't caring for her. Furious, Melinda files for divorce, only for Robert's invention to finally take off and the years of sacrifice she put in to be awarded to another woman Robert eventually marries.

Tyler Perry's latest film Acrimony, finds the writer and director depicting the hurt and rage many women have endured after giving their all to a relationship, only for another woman to enjoy the fruits of her labor.  Vibe sat with Perry at the Acrimony junket and picked his brain about life before he became the famed director, and if anyone in his past may feel the way Melinda does. The answer may surprise you.