Following his social media apology for sitting down with the NRA’s television network to express his support of the second amendment, Killer Mike responded to fellow rapper, Vic Mensa, who challenged his colleague to a debate on issues surrounding gun control.

“To @KillerMike: YOU DON’T NEED AN AR-15,” Mensa tweeted on Saturday (Mar. 24). “As a black man (and) fellow gun owner I would like to have a debate with you about your stances on gun control.”

Killer Mike didn't shy away from this proposal, stating, “We got the same publicist and you have my phone number. I ain’t dodge’n you,” before adding in another response to a fan that he has yet to receive a call from the Chicago rapper.

This challenge came after Mensa's appearance at the March for Our Lives which was held in Washington, D.C., the same day his tweets were issued (Mar. 24). Mensa performed “We Could Be Free” from his album The Autobiography As Told By Vic Mensa, for a gathering of protesters calling for gun control reform in the wake of the Parkland shooting.

The duo stands on opposite sides of an issue that is not as clear-cut for American minorities as it seems. It's a dilemma that rapper T.I. highlighted in a past TMZ  interview. “I think you should make it more difficult for people who are not mentally stable to have guns,” Tip said, admitting that the system is broken. “But I honestly feel if you lose the right to bear arms as a citizen than it is easy for the government to enslave its citizens.”