Vince Staples executed a brilliant public relations campaign in promotion of his latest single (March 8) "Get the F**k Off My Dick," by previously launching a GoFundMe page that would have sent him comfortably into retirement if the fundraiser reached its goal of $2 million. The Big Fish Theory rapper brought the campaign to an end Wednesday night (March 14) announcing that he would be refunding each of the $2,022 donors.

The 24-year-old took matters a step further revealing plans to give back to his hometown's community, "I am also personally matching the donations made and donating the full amount to the Michelle Obama library of Norf Long Beach... in honor of you citch ass niggas. I love you all, good day. #gtfomd," he posted to his Twitter account Wednesday (March 14).

Staples originally announced the clever marketing strategy last week (March 7) due to numerous complaints from fans about uninspiring performances, "I'll go the f**k away forever. You will never hear from me again: no songs, no interviews, no nothing. If not, you can let me choose to do what the f**k I want to do, when I want to do it," he says in reference to the #GTFOMD campaign's $2 million goal.

Check out Staples' tweets below.

This article was originally published on Billboard.