On Tuesday (Apr. 3) following the death of a young fan, 2 Chainz crafted a sentimental post that sums up the complicated relationship hip-hop has with firearms. In the caption of an Instagram picture that shows 2 Chainz standing next to 3-year-old, Thirigi Craig, the G.O.O.D Music staple extends his condolences to the victim’s family while condemning the perpetrator.

“I really don’t have many words concerning this matter which is really rare for me," 2 Chainz stated before explaining how Craig, whose killer is still unknown, was slain in a shooting on Sunday (Apr. 1). “This kid is around the same age as my son and my heart goes out to his family. We have to do better y’all. How you kill a 3-year-old…," 2 Chainz said. "I believe in protecting yourself but I don’t believe in reckless conduct like this. I hate it.”

By drawing the firm line between one protecting themselves and being overtly violent, 2 Chainz simplistically solidified the gun control thesis that many of his fellow ATLiens have been trying to perfect - a project that hit its biggest obstacle with Killer Mike’s appearance on NRA TV.

However, by stating his disbelief at how easily someone can commit a murder like the one his post describes, all of America should be as “appalled” as 2 Chainz is at the fact that the country has yet to rectify its obvious abundance of guns.