The death of toddler T’hrigi Diggs has rocked not only the three-year-old’s community of family and neighbors, but also a couple of high profile musicians. Earlier this week, 2 Chainz condemned gun violence not only in Atlanta where the child was killed, but across the states. Now, 21 Savage is stepping in to alleviate the family’s pain.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the “Bank Account” rapper plans to pay for the funeral, a gesture that Diggs’ mother believes will begin the healing process. 21 Savage was also referred to as a family friend.

The incident occurred on Easter Sunday (Apr. 1) when Diggs’ mother, Roshonda Craig, drove past a Texaco gas station.  “I saw a paintball gun, but then I heard a real gun,” she said. “When I heard the gunshot, my baby started crying. I didn’t know my baby was shot. I was thinking maybe he just woke up [and] the gunshot scared him.” Diggs was asleep in the backseat at the time of the bullet's impact.

Craig said she witnessed a grey Dodge Charger that drove past her at the same time as the shooting. The occupants were reportedly holding paintball guns. A search for the assailant(s) is still ongoing while the review of surveillance footage may usher in witnesses of the crime. According to the AJC, “paintball wars” have become popular in Atlanta. The trend is supposed to combat the use of real firearms and eventually lead to its nonuse throughout Atlanta’s streets. Craig believes someone with a real gun was provoked by the paintball machines.

T’hrigi Diggs’ funeral will take place at Israel Baptist Church on Saturday at 12 p.m. in Atlanta, Georgia.