Hot 97’s longtime late-night DJ, Funkmaster Flex continues his ongoing tirade against rappers who use ghostwriters by taking another shot at Cardi B’s lyrical credibility. Flex went live on his Instagram account Monday (April 16) attempting to air out the “Bodak Yellow” rapper for allegedly not writing her own lyrics. “I don’t want this to sound mean, but Cardi I keep it a buck,” he says. “For you Cardi fans, I don’t care what her opinion is about anything when you don’t write your sh*t. I don’t care, I don’t.” He then added, "Cardi's consistently getting somebody else to write her sh*t."

The rant went on with, "I can't stand rappers who don't write they sh*t! What did we learn today boys and girls? Write your own sh*t! And when your sh*t gets funny, don't go on the gram and turn your comments off, [and] don't fire your management as soon as you get to the right place!"

This was not the first time Funk Flex had gone after Cardi B over allegedly using ghostwriters. Starting in December after “Bodak Yellow” was nominated for a Grammy, he made some thinly veiled tweets aimed at her after she addressed older rappers heavily critiquing the new generations. The smoke picked back up again this month after he used Cardi B and her ghostwriting accusations as a device to attack Nicki Minaj. On his Twitter account, he wrote, “Just because Cardi got a ghostwriter don’t mean I wanna listen to Nicki! It’s time for new female rappers that write!”

Despite constant rumors of her using ghostwriters and “stealing songs,” Cardi B has consistently stated in various interviews that she has penned her own lyrics. While it is documented that she wrote certain records with (credited) longtime collaborator Jordan Thorpe (a.k.a. Fontaine) for records like “Be Careful” and “Bodak Yellow,” she is credited on all records as a writer.

Flex, on the other hand, has yet to publicly provide any proof or sources regarding these accusations despite the Bronx superstar being credited on her records. Considering his well-documented history of misogyny, it is hard to tell how much of his gripe with Cardi (and Nicki, for that matter) is based on lyrics alone versus her being a woman. In comparison to his shots against male rappers for ghostwriting and their lack of quality music, it appears as if he has gone after women harshly (and longer) than any of their peers.

Watch Funk Flex’s full IG live rant below.