With similar reactions to those fighting for justice across the country, Diddy is tired of seeing innocent, black lives destroyed at the hands of the police in the United States. After protests broke out in Sacramento, Calif., over the weekend, the mogul published his feelings about Stephon Clark's death on Instagram and simultaneously demanded immediate justice.

The Bad Boy Records founder called into question Clark's inhumane murder by posting the New York Daily News' recent cover featuring the slain 22-year-old five times with different captions. "I want the world to see," Diddy said in his second post. "Look!!!!" he said in his third post. By the fourth iteration, Diddy's demeanor visibly changed from empathetic to furious.

On March 18, Clark was shot at least eight times in the back with nothing but a cell phone in hand. Sacramento Police falsely claimed he possessed a gun. In the days prior to his funeral, Stevonte Clark blamed the Sacramento Police Chief for his brother's gruesome demise and called out the manipulative tactics the media has used to cover the tragedy.

Diddy joins a slew of artists and athletes who demand justice for Clark and his family. Check out Brother Love's posts below.