What can separate two friends and make them like oil and vinegar? Sports. In the case of Miami Heat's star guard Dwyane Wade and comedian (and Philadelphia native and longtime Sixers fan), Kevin Hart, their friendship is currently on ice as their respective teams face off in the NBA playoffs.

Wade spoke to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel to make it clear he and Hart are "not friends right now" but will be after the Heat-Philadelphia Sixers competition. “We're not friends right now," Wade said. "We made it very clear we're not friends now. But we'll be friends after the playoffs is over with. We're not friends. I don’t like him."

After a stellar performance in Game 2 (Wade went 11 for 17 shooting, and notched 28 points), he was asked what got into him by ESPN's Ramona Shelburne, to which he bluntly replied, "Kevin Hart. You can thank Kevin Hart for that." As the Heat and Sixers faced off for the coveted position in the playoffs, Hart "trusted the process" a little too hard and began to trash talk Wade from the sidelines alongside Allen Iverson. Wade responded by making play after play which crushed the Sixers' chance of coming back for a victory and ultimately led the Heat to win the game 113-103.

During Game 3, the Sixers' Joel Embiid came back and led the team to a 128-108 victory, ultimately sparing Hart of his antics. Game 4 is set to take place April 21 at 2:30 p.m. EST. Let's hope Hart doesn't experience the same kind of embarrassment that happened during the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl win.