Kanye West shocked fans on Twitter once again with his latest cosign, and it wasn't pointed at another conservative or Trump supporter. Instead, Kanye used his massive platform to shout out Parkland shooting survivor and activist Emma Gonzalez. While his latest stunt was drastically different from his previous remarks, it didn't sit right with Gonzalez and thousands of others.

It all started when Kanye shared a photo of Gonzalez on Twitter on Apr. 28. "My hero Emma Gonzalez," he wrote. He followed that post by sharing a selfie with an Emma-inspired buzz cut. Of course, the shoutout didn't receive a lot of love from Kanye's newfound MAGA friends, but it didn't go over Gonzalez either.

Gonzalez took to Twitter after catching wind of the cosign with a message of her own. Instead of directly acknowledging Kanye's post, Gonzalez shared an image of James Shaw Jr., the hero who reportedly disarmed the Waffle House shooter earlier this month. "My hero James," she wrote, throwing some subliminal shade in Ye's direction.

Gonzalez isn't the only one who has disapproved of the Chicago artist amid his controversial Twitter rants and questionable political stances. Nipsey Hussle also dissed Kanye during his set at the 2018 Broccoli City Festival this weekend (Apr. 28). "N***as our here wearing MAGA hats," he said on stage, standing in front of a selfie of Kanye. "I ain’t feeling that s**t." He also performed his hit single "FDT."

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