On Wednesday (Apr. 11), electronic royalty Empress Of released two new singles titled “Trust Me Baby” and “In My Dreams.” These alternatively smooth tracks follow just a sprinkle of appearances that the Los Angeles native dropped since releasing her debut album, Me, in 2015.

On “Trust Me Baby” and “In My Dreams,” Empress Of employs her soothing soprano voice to sing the tracks' lyrics in both English and Spanish. She uses this combination to not only pay homage to her Honduran background but also showcase music’s universal language. Both songs detail the congruent feelings that are experienced when a person is in love.

The creatively refreshing nature of these songs leaves Empress Of's fans longing for her reemergence. But as displayed by her collaborations with DJDS, Empress Of is known for dropping off loose tracks that keep fans' anticipation on a high level. There are no official indications whether these singles are prepping listeners for a more consistent onslaught of music. Yet, with “Trust Me Baby” and “In My Dreams,” followers are eagerly anticipating the second installment of Empress Of’s career.