The press release reads something like: "Award-winning DJ/Producer J. Period (Billboard #1 album for The Hamilton Mixtape) takes his talents and listeners on an exclusive journey into the secret forests between Wakanda and Stankonia. He does this incredible mash-up by sampling the mega successful Black Panther film score and soundtrack (TDE's own) to create exclusive new Outkast remixes that explore the roots of hip-hop in the African drum, themes of empowerment and identity, and the musical intersections between the Afro-futuristic world of Wakanda and the intergalactic funk of Outkast."

But the ultimate realness is when you hear Andre 3000 and Big Boi ripping up the melodies of music from the film along with rhythms of Fela Kuti all at once, the sensory overload of the interjecting of interview clips by Black Panther director Ryan Coogler explaining his vision for the blockbuster movie, various rappers speaking on injustice and political powers giving strong quotes on life and liberty, you'll know this 45 minute mix is more than a's a massive production of inspiration and intellectual science. Listen, when Tupac comes on and breaks down his life force and ideology of living, the music takes a powerful, impactful and educational route.

Last year around this time, J. Period blessed us with ‘OutKast: ReFixed’ a live mixtape on the 23rd anniversary of the ‘Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik’ LP. The artwork for that project as well as this new one, was done by famed visual artist Dan Lish.

J. Period: "The concept of #WakandaForeverEver started on social media (sparked by a Twitter post from my friend @AprilReign), but when I began to explore the musical connections between the worlds of Black Panther and Outkast, it just unlocked a universe of possibilities.  Outkast embodies the best of hip hop -originality, creativity, style, swagger, intelligence, BARS- and their lyrics touch on many of the themes in the movie as in empowerment, representation, royalty, tradition, Afro-futurism, so it was just a perfect fit.  Black Panther is such a phenomenon and has sparked so much conversation in the Hip-Hop community.  The core of Hip-Hop is the drum, and when you break it down to the essence, the story of the drum, of Africa, of the Diaspora, of using rhythm and music to tell stories...those are all part of the fabric of Hip-Hop.  I consider myself a musical storyteller, and for me, this project was an opportunity to explore those ideas and stories in the music, and create a piece that will hopefully spark conversation around the connections between Hip-Hop and this imaginary world of Wakanda, and all that it represents."
Note! As a special bonus track on the download only (available tomorrow at, Sterling K. Brown reprises his role as "N'Jobu" from Black Panther, but in our imaginary world of #WakandaForeverEver, instead of telling the origin story of Wakanda, he's telling the origin story of Hip-Hop.  

Final Track List
1. Wakandan Airlines [Sky High] [J.PERIOD Remix]
2. Seasons Change b/w Afro-Future [J.PERIOD Remix]
3. Wakanda vs. Babylon [J.PERIOD Remix]
4. T’Challa vs. Killmonger [Elevation Anthem] [J.PERIOD Remix]
5. T’Rosa Parks [J.PERIOD Remix]
6. Royal Panther b/w Wakandan Belle [J.PERIOD Remix]
7. All Hail The Dora Milaje [Interlude]
8. Wakandan Church Cookout [J.PERIOD Remix]
9. Storytellin’ [J.PERIOD “Fela-bration” Remix] feat. Daniel Crawford
10. WakandATLiens [J.PERIOD Remix]
11. Jabariland Outkasts [Outtro] [J.PERIOD Remix]
12. Bombs Over Wakanda [Reprise] [J.PERIOD Remix]
13. Bonus: T’Challa in ATL [J.PERIOD Remix]

Download available exclusively at (4/20/18). #WakandaForeverEver