After video surfaced of Fabolous engaging in a domestic dispute with longtime girlfriend Emily B, both the MC’s fans and colleagues seem to adhere to a paradoxical set of morals. Following Fabolous’ surrender and release from jail on Thursday (Mar. 29), the rapper – who was reportedly charged with third-degree assault and terroristic threats – hit the stage where he was met with a joyous ovation. Mirroring the crowd’s reaction, associates are looking past the fact Fabolous reportedly punched his children’s mother to offer empathy to the Brooklyn rapper, putting the blame on the Internet and not his actions.

In an Instagram interaction, The Game embraced the concept of irony and used his IG account to tell his followers how social media is mishandling this situation. “Another black family torn apart over social media and look at everyone happy to see them in shambles,” The Game wrote before detailing how “culture vultures” plucked Fabolous away from his family.

Fabolous’ brother, Paul Cain, also took to the same social media platform to tell opponents to “fall back” because they weren’t “there.” He continued, "You don't know anything. The bloggers don't know anything. Y'all reading some s**t off the Internet and really arguing over some s**t like you know something."

Yet with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reporting that close to 55 percent of homicides on women are committed by an intimate partner, and that 54 percent of these killings come as a result of gun violence, “falling back” after hearing Fabolous threaten to shoot Emily B and her family is not something anyone should do. In fact, the CDC encourages better bystander training, which in this case would include admitting that the only catalyst for Fabolous’ potential jail sentence was his actions.