Since reports that Fabolous allegedly abused his ex-girlfriend broke in Mar. 2018, the rapper has been fairly quiet regarding the allegations. But a new message the Brooklyn artist posted on social media, has many fans convinced that is he is finally responding.

The Shade Room reportedly spotted the cryptic message on Fab's Snapchat. "Sometimes it is best to just be quiet and let  God show people," the post reads.

As previously reported, Fabolous is accused of physically abusing the mother of his children and threatening her and her father. Following initial reports, Bossip claimed that the rapper was reportedly charged with aggravated assault, although it has not been officially confirmed.

If Fab is found guilty in this case, he could serve up to 10 years in prison. He may also have to pay a hefty fine of $15,000.

Fab isn't the only one who has been fairly mum since the alleged incident occurred. Emily B also reportedly missed her daughter's twentieth birthday earlier this month.

Fab is reportedly due in court sometime this month. In the meantime, check out Fab's suspected response to his recent allegations below.