Gallant is back to melt some more hearts this week with the release of his steamy new video "Gentleman." Premiered by NPR earlier this week, the singer actually came up the concept years ago --- which was inspired by an honest conversion with his mother.

"For this particular [song] where I'm tapping into more the side of me that is pretty confident, the only way to really get the whole picture and not present something distorted or not true to myself would be to pair it with something that's equally as vulnerable," Gallant tells NPR Music, he says about the track. "It was just the most accurate representation of me as a human being, personally and artistically."

"Gentleman" was directed by Sasha Samsonova, who used "a black velvet set, intricate camera rigging and 35 millimeter film" to capture the video's sensual aesthetic. Watch the new flick below.