Former Cuban refugee, 56-year-old Geisha Williams made her dreams come true and is now the head of a major company. Appointed in March 2017, according to CNN, Williams has been with the company for 10 years in various positions before the huge promotion. With a huge pay increase from $4.16 million to $8.56 million, not only is she rolling in dough but she’s improved the company, according to Fortune. The company has reached its goal of using renewable sources to generate a third of its electricity power source.

Williams tells CNN it all wouldn’t be possible if not for mentorship, as the company wasn’t as diverse and inclusive as it should have been. Having someone see the leadership within her helped tremendously, she said. "It's the power of influence and having someone that you look up to tell you that they think you can do something that you don't think you can do yourself," Williams told CNN. "I didn't know I was going to become CEO. At that point, I doubted it, but I thought, I'm going places. I'm going to work hard and I am going to be a leader."

She said she’s an example of what immigrants can do for the country, if given the opportunity. "Immigrants bring energy and they bring innovation and they bring creativity. They bring that hunger for advancement and for betterment and I think it's been an absolute secret weapon the United States has," she said.

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