Cardi B's younger sister Hennessy Carolina is defending her family member amidst backlash stemming from the Invasion Of Privacy rapper's pregnancy.

The comments come after detractors on social media have clapped at the Bronx MC and her impending motherhood, stating that it could slow down her rapidly progressing superstardom.

“Why is anyone saying anything so mean to someone? A baby is a blessing,” Hennessy told People. “Why would you talk about it like it’s a bad thing? My sister is such a good person, I wouldn’t want nobody to talk bad about her. It really hurts. But I’m not gonna let them stress me out anymore. I’m tired of it!”

Cardi revealed her pregnancy during her performance of "Be Careful" on SNL, and in a backstage clip, the musician (who is carrying rapper Offset's child) said that she was "finally free." Her 22-year-old sister agrees with that sentiment.

“I know she’s happy. No more people talking about her,” she explained. “I know she’s happy and she’s free. She can go out and eat food, not hide what she wants to wear.”

"...I’m going to be able to hold ur baby and give the baby all the kisses and hugs!" Hennessy wrote on Instagram after her sister revealed she was expecting. "Your pregnancy is mines we pregnant can’t believe we’re having a baby!"

There's really nothing like having a sibling who always has your back.