Throughout his career, 50 Cent has shifted from playing his part in lyrical beefs to Internet instigation. But on Sunday (Apr. 8), it seems that 50 finally picked on someone his own size as Jim Jones took to Instagram and beat the Queens-native at his own game.

“#Wasted Talent April 13 going up for sale on merch,” the Dipset Capo wrote after posting a picture of 50 Cent “struggling” with light free weights. “The 50 Cent wasted talent tee.”

Jim’s post was a clever double entendre, using the title of his forthcoming album, Wasted Talent, to fire back at the Power executive for doing what 50 Cent does so well. Prior to Jones' post, 50 took to Instagram where he trolled Jim for posting a video of himself exercising with his children.

“You losing your roof Jimmy,” 50 Cent captioned the video that he reposted via his own account. “Going bald. You must be stressed over there working out with the kids. Get the strap.”

While the two have had issues in their past lives, the problems have been resolved, making this recent spat seems like friendly fire, and with 50 making his transition into Hollywood in combination with Jim Jones returning to music with a Roc Nation deal and a new Dipset single, it's great to see these cultural staples finding solace through playful banter.