Juelz Santana was released on bail Friday (April 6) after the Harlem native was arrested for drug and gun possession last month. Authorities attempted to detain Santana (born LaRon James) at Newark Liberty International Airport on March 9 when the items were found in his luggage, but he escaped from the location in a cab.

With a bond set at $500,000, the “Oh Boy” rapper was able to meet the financial restriction and returned to his New Jersey home. In an interview with The Record, Santana sang God’s praises and said he’s hoping to remain a free man. “I’m just happy to be in God’s graces. I was praying every day," he said. "… just gotta do the right thing, do everything I need to do the right thing so I stay home.”

As part of his release, Santana will have to wear an ankle monitor since Assistant U.S. Attorney Desiree Latzer claims he poses as a flight risk. HIs attorney, Brian Neary, shared with his client’s release they’ll be able to “concentrate on the case.” The charges will appear before a federal judge in the coming months.

His partner, Kimbella, posted a photo on her Instagram account of Santana and their son’s reunion. “Every single day he would ask for his dad, you can see it all in this moment,” she wrote. “Unbreakable bond these two have. He’s home y’all, fresh new start!”