While Kanye West continues to be a polarizing figures musically (and online) the G.O.O.D Music quarterback hopped on social media to reveal the cover photo for his forthcoming album this weekend.

West uploaded a text message conversation and within the text was a picture of plastic surgeon Jan Adams who performed his mother's final surgery. West says he's trying to forgive and "stop hating" and asked for any album title names.

Donda West, a professor, died November 10, 2007 after suffering "multiple post-operative factors” following surgery which included a breast-reduction and liposuction. Kanye's 58-year-old mother died at Centinela Freeman hospital after a frantic 911 call was made by family and close friends from West's Playa Del Ray home.

West then asked the person he was speaking to if they had any album title ideas. When "love everyone" was offered, West responded "I love that."

Kanye West announced the release dates for his own seven track LP, his collaboration with Kid Cudi, Teyana Taylor's record as well as Pusha-T.  West also revealed he's producing Nas' album which sent the Internet into near combustion.

Everything returned to normal but was soon disrupted when West praised conservative speaker Candace Owens, and declared his love for Donald Trump, calling him "brother" and alleging they both have "dragon energy." The admission caused many to raise their digital eyebrow and motivated friend and musical collaborator John Legend to speak against West's public support of Trump.

No word on whether this will be the actual album photo. Fans remember Mr. West had several album title changes before settling on The Life of Pablo, so we'll just have to wait and see.