Rich The Kid and Lil Uzi Vert's underwhelming beef continues, with Rich unleashing not-so-nice words about his former rap associate.

On the same day Vert released his alleged diss track "Rich Forever" (Apr. 12), the "New Freezer" artist declared his feelings towards the rapper at his album release party in Hollywood. "F**k that ni**a Uzi, man," he said. "F**k that ni**a Uzi. We big boss sh*t." Caught on camera by fans at OHM Nightclub, it's only expanded their feud.

Just hours before, a third-person tweet was sent  fromVert’s account with a SoundCloud link claiming to be a “leaked” Uzi track. Listeners were ambushed with "Rich Forever," a bass-heavy track that Uzi aggressively attacks with shots meant for Rich The Kid. Despite its seemingly accidental release, “Rich Forever” was a brilliantly calculated move as it dropped a day after Rich The Kid’s single, “Plug Walk” reached platinum status. It's a stat Uzi references on the track with the lyrics, “One of my youngest just went platinum, he might be better than the oldest” before shifting focus to the Rich Forever family with lines like “Richer than your father, I guess that makes you my daughter.”

The track shows a side of Uzi which most fans are not accustomed. This passion was sparked by a series of tweets between Rich The Kid and Lil Uzi. In January, after Uzi took to the timeline to express his views on being signed to a major, Rich The Kid revealed that he previously attempted to welcome Uzi to his Rich Forever collective.

To this, Uzi replied, “Boy I’m not signing for 20 racks.” This led to months of the rappers exchanging social media shots leading Rich The Kid to take the beef to wax by releasing his “Dead Friends.” A diss record that prompted Uzi use “Rich Forever” as retaliation.

While this seems like mere social media warfare, those who are aware remember that prior to his stardom, Lil Uzi was known for his physical fights with fellow Soundcloud sensations. This combined with the friendships he has with artists who are known for verified street activity, gives the feeling that people close to both camps should actively urge Uzi and Rich to keep it on instrumentals.