Despite ripping his Funk Flex freestyle and releasing the popular track “For Hot 97,” Lil Yachty’s lyrical skill is still being questioned. However, on Saturday (Apr. 14), rap’s “new generation” came to Lil Boat’s defense, crowning him as a top-tier artist.

“Bro, the n***a Yachty (is) so underrated,” SoundCloud sensation, Smokepurpp, wrote in a polarizing tweet. “This n***a dead-a** got bars and people overlook him… definitely top ten right now.” Smokepurpp, who over the past year accumulated a cult-like following, inspired Yachty to respond to the Miami-based artist with a tweet that embraces an “underdog” status.

“Real underdog, Bruh. I can rap better than 75 percent of the new generation," he said. "But ni***s sleep on me. Plus, I ain’t got nothing to prove.”

Since his 2015 emergence, Boat has assisted in several multi-platinum pop singles like “Broccoli” and “iSpy” while remaining on the pulse of rap. He also showcases his lyrical prowess on records like the Tee Grizzley tag-teamed track, “From D to the A.” Continuing this duality, Yachty balances his mainstream marketability (gaining endorsements from Sprite and Target) with the respect he gets from underground staples, like being a part of Gucci Mane’s Glacier Boyz rap group.

Although Smokepurpp’s claims of “top ten” are lofty (let’s not forget that JAY-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Wale, and J. Cole are still active), the impact of Yachty’s still budding career paired with his proven skill makes the praise he receives deserved - something Lil Uzi Vert, a rapper respected by lyrical legend’s like Jadakiss, reinforced.