While Havoc has been gearing up to release the first posthumous Mobb Deep album since tragic passing of Prodigy, it seems as if there’s still unfinished business left on the table with a former manager. Buck 50 Productions are reportedly going after the legendary duo in a lawsuit for six figures worth of unpaid expenses. TMZ reported that the management company, who represented the group from 2010 until Prodigy’s passing, filed a lawsuit against Mobb Deep for allegedly not reimbursing them for advances they claim to have provided and services, claiming that they “booked touring, recording and endorsement deals” for them. In total, Buck 50 is asking the group to fork over $500,000 to recoup what the company reportedly spent.

Following this, Havoc took to TMZ to respond to the newly surfaced lawsuit calling it a “money grab” and accusing Buck 50 of distastefully attempting to financially rob Prodigy’s family, calling him a “sicko.” “What kind of sicko sues his artists after he dies knowing that that man has kids? How his kids gon’ eat? He’s taking food out his kids' mouth. That’s just some punk sh*t,” the production half of Mobb Deep proclaimed. “I’mma handle me in court,” Havoc continued. He never was even my manager so it’s a money grab. He never was my manager but now he wants to take food out Prodigy kid’s mouth. And the man is dead. He’s a sicko, man. He’s a sicko.”

Havoc tells TMZ in the one-minute video that he has been in touch with the late Prodigy’s family and insists that he will “hold them down.”
“I ain’t worried about it, all my paperwork is in order. He never was my manager. He’s just making people spend money that we don’t need to be spending on lawyers. I need to sue him for a frivolous lawsuit,” he says.

Watch Havoc’s full response via TMZ below.