It looks like the feud between Nicki Minaj and Quavo has come to an end. Minaj first revealed that there may be some bad blood between her and the Migos member during her interview with Zane Lowe, in which she claimed that Quavo had a part in creating controversy over their single "MotorSport." Quavo didn't reportedly have her back at the time, but after having some time to think about it, Minaj confirmed that he did apologize and she forgave him.

After a fan put up a hilarious meme on Twitter dissing Quavo, the "Chun-Li" artist stepped in to calm the heat storm. "He apologized," she announced. "Y’all can stop torturing him now. The Generous Queen FORGIVES. When he told me what y’all were doing in them comments I fell TF out. Love you guys tho. For LIFE."

As previously noted, the feud reportedly stems from their 2017 collaboration. Minaj's original problem was with Cardi B, after the rookie alleged that she changed her verse on the track. "I kinda felt ambushed," Minaj said during her Beats 1 interview. "At the time, I went on Twitter and explained how 'MotorSport' came about, and people were saying that I was lying."

Her issue with Quavo came after she reportedly asked him to validate her story on how the collaboration actually went down. "I texted Quavo and I said, 'Hey, could you back me up on this?' Because I don't want people to think I'm lying. What do I have to lie about?' And he didn't back me up," she explained. "He texted me, he was like, 'I would go on Twitter and back you up if you were my girl lol.' And that hurt, because he's somebody ... I love him ... It hurt my feelings to know that people would watch me be slaughtered, and not one person will step in to say the truth. They'll allow people to run with the lie because it's entertaining to make Nicki seem like a bad guy."

Nicki's beef with Quavo may have died down, but it's unclear whether she and Cardi B are on speaking terms. As for Cardi's take on the whole debacle, she tweeted on Apr. 14: "Im not getting involved with the hype."