Before the end of 2017, N.O.R.E and Pharrell reunited to help listeners escape the cold and turn up the heat with their island-based hit, "Uno Más." The single exploded once Miguel and J Alvarez as well as Taylor Gang chief Wiz Khalifa banded together for the official "Uno Más (Remix)." Shortly after the song dropped, Noreaga announced that the video was in the works, and now it's finally here.

Noreaga's latest visual is a slight homage to legendary singer, songwriter, and producer Robert Palmer. In the video for his 1985 single "Addicted To Love," Palmer gave a handful of women guitars and formed an all-female band. Three decades later, Nore and Pharrell take a page right out of Palmer's playbook to make their band of women KeyTar players the main attraction.

The Drink Champ and the super-producer pull up to the Caribbean-inspired set to jam out with their crews in contrasting outfits. Nore wears a floral tee, torn jeans, and gold chains along with a red-and-white turban headscarf. Pharrell opts to dance around in front of the green screen in comfortable blue pajama pants, an orange hoodie, and a teal cap with "PLANT" written on it.

Watch the video below.