Ohio Township police officer Dominic DeJulio resigned Friday (April 27) after he reportedly sent nudes to a 40-year-old woman he charged with a DUI.

During a sobriety checkpoint in Emsworth, DeJulio stopped and charged Michelle Benninger for a DUI last summer (Aug. 25). The New York Post reports a few days after her October preliminary court hearing, Benninger said he sent her six sexually explicit pictures of himself with an erection, believing he obtained her number through her court files.

Assistant District Attorney Jonathan Schultz withdrew Benninger’s DUI case Thursday (April 26) to protect her “from having to be re-victimized by the officer at her DUI trial,” according to the Post-Gazette. She didn’t press criminal charges because Ohio Township Police handled the situation.

DeJulio, 30, who started working for the department in 2015 was initially suspended for five days without pay, commanded to take psychological evaluations and returned to work. Benninger believes they should’ve fired him then.

“What kind of cop takes a number out of someone’s file, and then starts sending them disgusting naked pictures [of themselves], there’s no other word for it,” Benninger told local CBS affiliate. “They should have fired him anyway, and not given him a choice to resign.”