An unidentified Chandler high school student who created a racist meme of a black student on Snapchat has reportedly been disciplined.  According to People, Chandler Public Schools aren’t legally allowed to reveal specific disciplinary action, but the “student responsible for this behavior is not at school.”

During a “Positive Peers” school assembly, a  student dressed in prison garb was on stage acting as someone going to jail to show the importance of hanging with the right crowd. A student in the audience photographed the student on stage and posted it to Snapchat along with a graphic of the Confederate flag with the caption, “N***er for auction in Chandler, Oklahoma, starting bid $50.”

The student’s followers outed him. A close friend of the photographed student, Ashley Dawn Warner, went to Facebook, The New York Post reports, to share her anger and disappointment in the students at Chandler High.

“My brother is dressed up for Positive Peers as they are putting on a production for the school called Teen Forum. He was being taken to jail in this scene and this is what another student posted … I’m not sure if this is a result of piss poor parenting or if the school needs to do something regarding bullying or both,” Warner wrote. “I’m so sick of this racism sh*t and disgusted that it’s 2018 and we still let our children call other children ‘n****rs.'”

Chandler High released a statement confirming the incident happened and apologized to the victim and his family. The statement assures the school district doesn’t tolerate “hateful depictions and captions regarding any student” and will always call it out.

"Our deepest apologies are extended to the student who was the victim of this shameful behavior by another student,” Chandler School District said in a statement to KOCO News 5. “As a district, we will do our utmost to support this student and the student’s family in standing against actions and speech that hurts and belittles other individuals.”