O.T. Genasis got the Beyoncé stamp of song approval when his track "Everybody Mad" was used as an interpolation with her hit "Diva" during a dance break down at her highly-publicized Coachella weekend one performance.

The Long Beach MC was interviewed by TMZ Tuesday (Apr. 17), where he discussed the Queen using his 2017 single during the #Beychella set.

"What the f**k?!" he reportedly said when he first realized Beyoncé used his song.

“My phone just started going crazy, crazy, crazy. I was like, ‘Why is everybody texting me?’” he continued. “Everybody was basically telling me that, ‘Beyoncé was dancing to your song at Coachella.’"

He also gave props to the band and the music directors involved, who must have worked tirelessly to make sure each arrangement sounded on-point.

"...I was like, ‘Oh yeah. This is lit right here. I sat there and I was like 'not only did she play my song, but the band played to it.' You actually have to put that together and be at rehearsal...that's just dope, especially since I didn’t really get the credit I felt I deserved for the song when I made it."

"For her to realize that, man, and to show me love, that was crazy," he concluded.

Check out the performance to O.T.'s song below, and listen to the original as well.